Glitter accent nail / Butter London 'Trout Pout' swatch

Previously I posted on my old blog this Butter London 'Trout Pout' swatch and silver glitter accent nail. Months on I'm still loving the accent nail look so I thought I'd repost it.


To do these nails I first I painted all my nails except my nail on my ring finger, with two coats of 'Trout Pout'. Once the nails were dry I painted my ring finger nail with one coat of nail polish. You can use clear nail polish for this nail since it will be covered in glitter but I couldn't find any in my stash so I just used the 'Trout Pout' polish. Whilst the nail polish was still wet I sprinkled on top silver glitter and gently patted it down.

The glitter will go everywhere, which is why you don't want the other nails to still be wet or glitter will stick to them too. Lastly I painted my ring finger nail with a clear nail polish sealant (again you can use a normal clear nail polish for this step) to make sure the glitter stays put.

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