SK II Facial Treatment Essence + Review

SK II Facial Treatment Essence (Sephora) 

I finally found a small cosmetic spray bottle at a dollar store to decant the last of my SK II Facial Treatment Essence into. I've been meaning to decant my SK II Facial Treatment Essence into a spray bottle for forever and was reminded when I came across an old Vogue article where Cate Blanchett says she does the same thing. SK II Facial Treatment Essence is my all time fave skincare product. The spray bottle makes it even easier to use then the large pour out style bottle it comes in, and is a more handbag friendly size. I think it is going to be a life saver when summer comes around and my skin needs hydrating.

Don't know about SK II Facial Treatment Essence yet? Here's a review I wrote back in March and had published before the blog revamp:

SK II Facial Treatment Essence Review

I'm really loving SK II's product range and my favourite SK II product at the moment has to be the Facial Treatment Essence. It is so easy to use (soak a cotton pad or pour a small amount on to palm and pat on to face and neck) and has great results.

After using my first SK II Facial Treatment Mask in early February of this year, I started using the SK II Facial Treatment Essence as well. The SK II website says that the Facial Treatment Essence's benefits are: Texture refinement,  Firmness power, Wrinkle resilience, Radiance enhancement and Spots control. I've been applying the essence twice daily (morning & night) and I've found my skin is more radiant, smoother, my dry skin areas are gone and I think that some old acne scars I have appear lighter. I have also had no pimples since I've started using this product, where as before I would get the occasional one every few weeks. I have been using the Facial Treatment Essence for about a month now but most of these results started becoming apparent to me in about the first two weeks.

I really wasn't going to buy the SK II Facial Treatment Essence as I thought I'd just try the SK II masks out first but the sales assistant at Sephora was so adamant that it would be good for my skin that I thought I'd better give it a go and I'm so glad that I did. If you want to improve the look and feel of your skin then I really recommend trying the SK II Facial Treatment Essence. It is quite pricey, at least more then I tend to spend on skincare products but I did also find that a little goes a long way. I received a gift pack when I bought my SK II products at Sephora and since it came with a small sample size bottle of the Facial Treatment Essence I thought I'd use it first before opening the big 150ml bottle. This small 30ml sample bottle lasted me about 4 weeks!

Sephora unfortunately doesn't ship to Australia but SK II is available at Myer.

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