Shoes Of Prey - My Shopping Experience

My shoes from Shoes Of Prey arrived this week and they have turned out great!

If you haven't heard of Shoes Of Prey they are an online store where you can design your own pair of shoes. The best thing is they make shoes in sizes outside the normal range. This is awesome for me as my shoe size is a tiny 34.5 which makes it hard to find shoes in stores.

If you are in Sydney you can also stop by the Shoes Of Prey concept space inside David Jones in the city. In store you can try some sizes on (they don't have all there unfortunately) and also see the different types of materials available and some of the possible styles you can create.

These shoes I designed were intended for work and I'm so happy with how they have turned out. It was also pretty fun playing at being a shoe designer on their easy to use website. The only down side is the wait to receive your shoes as it does take them a few weeks to be made. If you are impatient you can pay extra to have them made quicker.

These shoes were my 'trial' pair to see how they would turn out and if I really was a size 34.5. Now that I know how great the service is and my exact shoe size I can't wait to design my next pair of shoes with Shoes Of Prey.

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