Candle Care

I've been burning lots of candles in our house lately and thought I'd share how I take care of them.

1. Trim the wick: You don't have to buy an expensive wick trimmer you can just use a pair of scissors. Just make sure you don't trim the wick too far down or you will have trouble lighting the candle the next time. Ideal height is about 5mm. Trimming the wick will reduce the amount of soot created when the candle burns.

2. Soot: If soot does accumulates in the candle jar you can remove it once the candle is extinguished (be careful the jar is no longer hot and make sure the wax has cooled), with moistened paper towel. Wait until the jar and candle are dry before relighting the candle. 

3. Storage: Stop 'candle sweat' by storing your candles when not in use, in a cool place out of sunlight.

And of course the most important thing to remember - never leave a burning candle unattended!

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