Coffee Scrubs (Fighting Cellulite) / To Buy or DIY

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A short time ago I stumbled upon Frankbody on instagram. Frank is a coffee scrub - designed to target cellulite, stretch marks and a range of other skin issues (see the site here for details). I had been meaning to purchase this scrub but kept on forgetting until I was reminded about Frank when I was checking out Essie Button's site.

Essie Button is a fab beauty blog that I've just recently discovered. Essie Button also happens to have a recipe up on how to make your own coffee scrub. The scrubs have quite a different range of ingredients in them but they both have the same main ingredient - Coffee.

I probably would give the DIY version a try but December is so busy so instead after having my memory jogged, I headed on over to the Frankbody website and purchased the new Frank scrub with coconut. The Frank scrub was less then $18 and shipping was free too (in Australia). I can't wait to give Frank a try!

If you want to try out the DIY version you can find it here on Essie Button or if you are lazy/too busy like me you can buy the Frank scrub here. I'll post a review of Frank once it arrives and I've had the chance to try it out a couple of times.

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