My Favourite Three ModelCo Products Right Now

1. 'Flirt' Lipstick / I'm normally a red lipstick fan but right now I'm really loving pink lipstick. 'Flirt' is a really bright pink so for work days I sometimes just apply the matching pencil and then a pink sheer gloss on top.

2. ModelCo Turbo Lash Curler / I can still remember in my teens being scared of using normal metal eyelash curlers. To me they look like a little torture weapon! Fast forward several years and there are now much more friendly to use heated eyelash curler options like the ModelCo Turbo Lash Curler.

I purchased this ModelCo Turbo Lash Curler from Woolworths after a friend reccommended it. The brush heats up quickly and it is simple to use - you just comb your lashes like you are putting on mascara and it curls them. 

For me, curled lashed don't just look good they stop my lashes from stick out and batting against my glasses which can be terribly annoying so this ModelCo Turbo Lash Curl is super handy.

3. Lash Xtend / I have several mascaras on rotation at the moment but this one is probably my favourite. It coats my lashes really well and makes them look long and thick without them all sticking together.

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