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Elle / Tiffany & Co Prescription Glasses / NP Set Lipstick in Madrid

I had myself on a magazine ban due to a large magazine collection and limited storage space, but when the new Australian Elle magazine came out I had to buy it. I was curious to see what Elle Magazine would be like with so many magazine readers turning to online content for their fashion fix. My only previous encounters with Elle were through the show 'The City', in which Olivia Palermo one of the main characters worked there. 

After reading my copy of Elle, I realised its not looking too good for my self imposed magazine ban as I was happy to find that Elle is relevant and refreshing, I felt like I needed to bookmark so many pages to go back and look over again for style inspo and to look up mentioned websites. I feel like it is a magazine that speaks to my age group and lifestyle. Great job Elle Australia!

P.s I just have to mention how much I love my Tiffany & Co glasses. Almost makes me feel better about having bad eyesight.

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