How To DIY A Breakfast At Tiffany's Eye Mask

I thought I'd share today this eye mask that I made to wear to a friend's 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' themed party. The original tutorial that I followed is by Trinkets in Bloom and can be found here. I basically followed the same pattern but substituted the materials for similar ones that I had on hand/ could find at the craft store.

For example, instead of using gold elastic I used a sequin string as ties and used small pieces of the same sequin string to form the eyebrows, which I glued down to the main part of the mask. I also ended up stitching around each felt eyelid to secure it to the mask as the glue wasn't holding very well. The fringe I used as eyelashes was a lot thinner compared to the one used by Trinkets in Bloom, but I think this gave it a really great eyelash effect.

Whilst the masks look fairly complexed they didn't take long to make and paired with a long white shirt they make a good 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' style costume.

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