Sanctuary Skin Perfecting BB Cream with SPF 15

A few weeks ago I walked into Priceline intending to buy Nanoblur by Indeed Laboratories but ended up purchasing the Sanctuary Skin Perfecting BB Cream with SPF 15 by Sanctuary Spa Covent Garden. This product is designed to be worn as a primer or on it's own. I was after something that would create a flawless finish and the Sanctuary BB Cream promised this and was a lot less than the price of the Nanoblur. It must of been on sale at the time as on the Priceline website they are now both the same price.

Sadly this Sanctuary BB Cream has been a big hit and miss for me! I've used it several times now and sometimes it looks amazing and other times it turns out horrible and blotchy. I have no idea why as I always just cleanse my face then apply it with my fingers. When it does turn out right it looks great, I love the colour of it (I purchased it in medium to dark) and it makes my skin look glowy. I also think it feels a lot more lightweight and less thick then some other BB creams on the market and I love that it has SPF. It doesn't provide full coverage of course, but it is the sort of product I would wear when I don't need a lot of make up or don't want to apply lots of different products. Because it's such a hit and miss though, I only reach for it when I have plenty of time to get ready so if it does turn out blotchy I can remove it and apply something else.

The Sanctuary BB Cream has so many great reviews out there and I really wish it would work for me. I love the packaging it comes in and the product has a nice light fragrance. It is also not tested on animals which is a big positive. Hopefully I can figure out what causes it to go blotchy sometimes because it is a great cream when it works and is very affordable (or at least when it was on sale? I don't think I paid more than $15) but if I can't I definitely wouldn't purchase it again.

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